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REPONOR, S.A. was founded in 1987 in the town of Amorebieta. It is a company dedicated to the manufacture of construction´s chemical products, such as mortars, additives, epoxy resins, flooring, …

REPONOR LOGISTIC, S.L. born with the clear objective of providing quality service by providing customer-specific solutions, not to mention environmental concerns in the development of their business.

REPONOR LOGISTIC, S.L. offers 20 years of experience in:

  • structural repair and reinforcement.
  • waterproofing beneath the water table, such as garage walls, elevator pits, covers, …
  • performance industrial flooring, protection and regeneration of the same, offering solution for all type of soils, with range of systems and specific treatments for each type of surface.

With aim offering the best service and best quality, our technical and professional team is at the customer´s disposal to bring you technical solutions and project implementation if desired.

The company has a quality management and environment system with the relevant certificates to achieve the objectives of quality required by the market.

accomplished works

Workshop with road signage painted with epoxy painting


Logo of AENOR Logo of environmental management
Logo of IQNET


San Antonio s/n - 48340 Amorebieta - Bizkaia

Tfn 94 673 02 92

Fax 94 673 04 00

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